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XMLNoteTree An XML Data Editor and a Tree of Notes organiser
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Good health is the right diet ensuring balance in pH, Fats and Oils, Minerals, Vitamins and exercise. Long term imbalances can cause high blood pressure, fatigue, osteoporosis, kidney stones, heart problems, obesity, eating disorders, diabetes and more all reducing the quality of life. Identifying where the problems are and how to fix them through diet changes and supplements can increase well being puting fun back into living. Learn More here
Politics Policies that promote and support mutual benefit activities produce the most prosperous societies. Policies that enshrine abuse of power, corruption, secrecy, allow unfetted discretion and do not apply the law equally upon individuals and corporations allow crimes and abuse leading to reduced prosperity and well being in society. Learn more
Technologies of general interest, more along the line of how to. XML and World Wide Web, Good health, Water treatment, Hydroponics, Swimming Pools.
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