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XML for newbies - Getting Started

Resource for XML various topics:

About XSL: A basic tutorial at
When you get used to the navigation, it's informative.

Good explanation with plenty of samples at
I don't know if it's according to the latest spec.

Good overview at

Also, you can look at the archive of the XSL list. Plenty of examples there.

There are many sites now with tons of information on XML. Have a look at for links to many of the best sites on XML

1. You can get a sense of what people are doing with Internet Explorer and ADO by following the Microsoft XML newsgroup (microsoft.public.xml).

2. If you are interested in server-side solutions, check out Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix, Object Design (ODI), and Bluestone. The first three are SQL products being extended to store and query XML documents -- i.e., they provide mappings between relational data and XML so you can do SQL queries across documents. Object Design has an XML store based on OODBMS technology, and Bluestone has an XML server (document server that integrates with SQL databases and ODI).

XSL tutorial [] 74 examples and >200 stylesheets, includes latest draft rewritten user interface, added new functions and indexes click on *** shows the XML source from which the example was generated

Perl regular expresions tutorial []: needs polishing but a scaffold is here

From single xml file to a book, where original (EN), translation(CZ) or both (EN/CZ) can be displayed. It demonstrates power of XML and Perl. It took only 10 hours to program the viewer
open for original and then try to click on EN/CZ or CZ. It does not use javascript, so it should be usable for old browsers as well.

And just to remind you: entire Zvon site can be downloaded:

Online Education courses
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watAGE Inc. currently offers two Internet-based courses in technical communication via its online domain, : Professional Technical Writing and Professional XML Authoring.

In September 1999, these courses will be offered as non-credit certificate courses via York University's Center for Distance Education at Atkinson College (, a project sponsored by the Computer-Assisted Writing Centre at York. Participants may register now at

These courses will be offered to individuals at $750 CDN plus 7% GST ($802.50) each; groups of 5-10 may enroll at $600 (plus tax; $642.00) per person; and groups of more than 10 may enroll for $500 (plus tax; $535.00) per person.

A free download preview of Crane Softwrights Ltd. commercial XSLT training material is available through their web site. This preview includes the full text of the first two modules and both annexes. .