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A DSSSL PDF frontend is under development for OpenJade
( ) -- JP Theberge

Okay, it's not the most "high-end", but if your XSL will render nicely in a browser, you can use netscapes "print to postscript" and get PDF via that route. _ John Robert Gardner

There's FOP, at It takes XML + XSL:fo as input, and has PDF as output.

The only other tool I know of is PassiveTex, at, which takes processed xsl formatting objects as input (which means you have to run your XML + XSL through, for example, XT, and run its output through PassiveTeX), and also delivers PDF as output.

Available at: -> XmlTube -> Some2XML

The idea of Some2XML is to produce a well-formed XML documents from text files that already have some structure even their original structure is not too much XML-alike.

A couple of companies provide software (commercial) to go in the other
direction -- PCL to XML -- but I don't know of any that do what you're
looking for, or whether they process XSL (assuming you mean converting XSL
formatting objects to PCL commands). You might want to contact them to see
if their tools could be re-engineered:

Visual Software:

To convert a file in Rich Text Format to XML Format. There is an rtf2xml OmniMark converter script which is available from OmniMarks contributed software forum and from

Look at Rick Geimer's RTF2XML conversion script (written in Omnimark).
TetraSix's "Majix" for RTF conversion, it can be customized as well. It's nicely made for the "see-spot-run" user/knowledge level upon which I thrive :)

Microsoft is planning to replace RTF with XML in future products. So, if they do this, they might develop such translators. There is now even support for MathML (or at least, it was demonstrated in Montreal this week; I don't know if it's released yet).

For RTF conversion you can still use magix for word2k

XML Convert is available for free at: The features (e.g., Windows executable, faster & more powerful parser, inclusion of a DTD in the XML output, etc.) and bug fixes are described at: XML Convert 1.1 is a Java application that uses XFlat schemas to convert flat files into XML. XFlat is an XML language for defining flat file schemas. XML Convert uses an XFlat schema to parse and validate the flat file, and to produce the XML output.

XML Convert 1.1 supports a wide variety of flat file formats, including CSV, semi-structured data (e.g., human readable reports), fixed length records and fields, multiple record types, groups of records, nested groups, etc. For more information about XML Convert 1.1 and XFlat, please see Please send any comments or questions to