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 Source Code and software libraries

A CSS2 parser that outputs a DOM2 CSS hierarchy is now available. Implemented as a set of Java classes, it can be downloaded from the Steady State Software website at

FourThought LLC ( announces the release of

4XSLT 0.7.0 A python implementation of the W3C's XSLT language

4DOM 0.8.0 An implementation of the W3C's Document Object Model in Python

4XPath 0.7.0 A python implementation of the W3C's XPath language

Take a look at my freeware C++ parser. It may do what you want. You get the source code . . .

 XMLC from is an open source HTML/XML to DOM java compiler. -- Christophe Lutris Technologies

 LT XML LT XML C++ Source code library

XSL FO rendering engine. It is now in alpha ( *not* pre-alpha), and it would become beta *soon*. We are not supporting tables yet, but we are not scared with tables ;-) Images, lists, footnotes, complex layouts, different page-orientations e t.c. - we already have it.
Now contains more than 30 testcases with source code and results of rendering to PDF More tetscases would appear soon. I suggest visiting that page if you want to get some feeling about XSL FOs in action. Perl/JavaConnector PerlApplicationServer

 An XML Compression thing has been released at <> , if anyone is interested have a look, only NT and Linux currently supported.

 XML Software -

Perl Libxlm
version: 0.03
Collection of Perl modules for working with XML and SAX.

version: Beta 3
Conversion tool, based on ANTLR, to convert from or to XML and SGML and
other formats.

version: 0.17.4
Experimental processor for the latest XSLT working draft.

version: 2.2.2
XML parser written in a portable subset of C++, easily implemented in

version: M8
Still experimental web browser with growing support for XML.

SXP : Silfide XML Parser
version: 0.88
Parser with Java API.

version: 19990725
Implementation of the tree construction part of XSL.

version: 7th July 1999
A utility for cleaning up HTML documents that can also convert them to

version: 19990721
A Perl Module for outputting XML

version: 2.26
Perl interface to James Clark's Expat parser.

version: 1.3
Publishing framework HTTPServlet that supports the use of DOM, XML, and
XSL to provide web content.

version: 4.1
Professional publishing system with support for native SGML and XML.

version: 3.0
Application for XML-based web content management and dynamic publishing

XML::XQL module
version: 0.60
Perl module that allows you to perform XQL queries on XML tree structures.

version: 1.1
A tool for transforming relational databases into XML documents.

XML Notepad
version: Beta 1.5 (1995-05-15)
Prototyping application for building and editing XML-based data.

MDSAX (Multi-Document Simple API for XML)
version: 1.1
set of tools for working with Java SAX parsers and parser filters.

version: 19990305
XML architectural forms processor.

Parser for Xpointer Language
version: 0.3
XPointer parser for Java

version: 06/23/99
Conversion tool that lets you use XSL to transform XML document types to

version: alpha-0.8.2
Tool to convert XSL formatting objects into PDF.

version: 1.0
XML-based content creation/management/publishing system.

Information Manager
version: 2.0
A content and process management system for creating and managing SGML/XML

version: 0.5 Beta
A text editor for well-formed XML document instances.

Parsers for Delphi,