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For a description of this release, see the LT XML home page:

We're pleased to inform all existing LT XML and LT NSL licence holders that our new release, v1.1 of LT XML, is now available to you, under the terms of your existing licence.

The software is available for anonymous ftp from
(the source code of the v1.1 release: for Unix)
(self-extracting installation of the v1.1 release: for WIN32)

Note that if you use ftp directly, you will not be able to see the files with ls, but they are there.

As well as numerous bug fixes and improvements compared with version
1.0, this release includes optional validation of XML documents.
Various changes have been mode for thread-safety but these are still

We are not releasing pre-compiled binaries for the various Unix
versions at this time: let us know if you have a real need in this