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Content Management Systems

Allaire, has been making noise in this regard. Their new product Spectra is said to be a roles-based content management system and is moderately priced. Allaire also recently acquired Jrun who had made lots of rain with their Java Server Pages. Allaire has also pioneered something they call Web Distributed Data eXchange or WDDX which uses XML for serialized data publishing, where serializing as I understand it is intended to support syndicated publishing. I also have come to perceive this effort to provide an interface between disparate data structures. -- Clinton Gallagher

good Content Management Systems (CMSs) with:
a) Direct XML support at the element checkin/checkout level.- Which I would call a REAL XML CMS!!
b) Support for XML but not at the element checkin/checkout level (where XML can be represented as "blocks of binary data").

databases with direct XML support, from which it would be able to "easily" build a mini XML "CMS" ?

The systems started out life in the SGML world, but should be well XML-enabled by now.

Information Manager from Texcel (, recently
purchased by Interleaf ( and being incorporated
into Bladerunner.

- Astoria from Chrystal (, a subsidiary of Xerox

- Parlance Document Manager from Xyvision (

They should all incude validating parsers and provide markup-aware checkin/checkout, versioning, sometimes differencing, etc. But be warned, none of them are cheap. Related products are also available from Inso - DynaWeb/DynaBase (, ObjectDesign - eXcelon ( and Bluestone Software - XML Server ( Hope that helps.

The LiveBiz team at Xenosys Corporation is please to announce the immediate availability for download of Information and Content Exchange (ICE) and XML frameworks. The framework implement the XML based industry standard ICE protocol as Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) and Servlets. The ICE framework is built on top of a XML framework. The XML framework is a SAX based white-box framework for marshalling and unmarshalling of data structures. The frameworks emphasizes modular design, code reuse and efficient processing for server based systems.