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Three things can happen when we use water for Industrial or commercial purposes - two are bad. A water can be naturally corrosive or naturally scale forming or it can be used with neither problem - a neutral water. It would be foolish to use water in a system without determining which condition is likely to occur.

Calcium Hardness

Total Hardness is used to describe the total amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium bicarbonates, as well as smaller quantities of other minerals, in water.

Unbalanced water, high in hardness, can cause water to become cloudy. Scale can form inside pipes restricting water flow. It can cause calcification of sand in filters, reducing their efficiency. Scale can also discolor a pool's interior.

On the other hand, low hardness and unbalanced water can contribute to corrosive water conditions. Therefore, a certain amount of hardness is desirable. The desired range is between 100-400 ppm. Once again, your water should be tested periodically for hardness.