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Health Effectsl of Selected Drinking Water Contaminants

Contaminant Probable Health Effects

AluminumAlzheimer's Disease (Possible link)
ArsenicMalignant tumors of skin and lungs, cramps, spasms, effects to nervous system
BariumProlonged stimulant action on muscles, nerve block
BenzeneAssociated with cancer, leukemia, anemia
CadmiumBronchitis, anemia, gastrointestinal upsets, cancer in rats
Carbon tetrachlorideCentral nervous system depression, gastrointestinal effects, liver and kidney damage, coma, death
Chlordane*Carcinogen, liver and kidney damage
ChlorobenzeneIrritation to respiratory system, central nervous system depression
ChloroformPossible liver, kidney and heart effects; carcinogenic in at least one animal species
ChromiumKidney damage, cancer
CopperGastrointestinal tract irritant, possible infant fatality, Wilson's disease
Dichlorobenzene(s)*Suspected carcinogen
1,1-DichloroethaneCentral nervous system depression, liver damage, suggested animal carcinogen
1,2-DichloroethaneNausea, mental confusion, liver and kidney damage
Dichloroethylene*Nausea, dizziness
Ethylenedibromide(EDS) - Decreased fertility
FluorideSkeletal damage when present in high levels
HeptachlorPossible tumor induction, carcinogenic in test animals
LeadDamage to nervous system, kidneys, reproductive system; cancer in rats
LindaneChronic liver damage, anemia, leukemia
MercuryKidney impairment, possible death
Methylene chloride*Toxic
NickelSigns of hyperglycemia and gastrointestinal and nervous disorders
Pentachlorophenol (PCP) - Loss of appetite, respiratory difficulties, anesthesia, coma, death
PCBsDamage to skin and liver; nausea, loss of weight, jaundice, coma, death
SeleniumCarcinogen; irritation to mucous membranes, dermatitis
SulfateLaxative action
TetrachloroethyleneCentral nervous system effects; confirmed animal carcinogen, anesthesia, death
TolueneNarcosis, irritation to eyes and respiratory system
ToxaphenePossible liver damage
1,1,1-TrichloroethaneNarcosis, depression of central nervous system, unconsciousness, death
1,1,2-TrichloroethanePossible liver and kidney effects, possible carcinogen in animals
TrichloroethyleneCentral nervous system depression, loss of coordination, unconsciousness; strong irritant and carcinogen
2,4,6-Trichlorophenol*Suspected carcinogen
Trihalomethanes(THMs) Effects to nervous system and muscles, loss of consciousness
Vinyl chlorideCentral nervous system depression, dulling of visual and auditory responses, possible death
XyleneMucous membrane irritant, lung congestion, impairment of kidney functions
ZincMuscular stiffness and pain, loss of appetite, nausea

These are an indication only. To Remove Doubt - test it out
Prepared by Trevor Croll,

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