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Ultraviolet Ray Sanitizers

UV Sterilizing

Bacteria or pathogens exposed to high intensity ultraviolet rays in the germicidal wave length frequency range of 253.7 nanometers are killed. This level of energy of radiation disrupts the D.N.A. bonding and stops the bacteria from breeding and consequently the organisms die (bacteria that can't reproduce are considered dead). UV radiation is extremely effective in killing micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and mold spores without altering or affecting the water. Some bacteria or viruses that cling to the pool or spa walls, pipes or filters may not go through the UV chamber. Water must still be sanitized, disinfected and oxidized 1-3 times per week with 4-5 ppm of unstabilized granular or liquid chlorine (depending on the load). This eliminates any bacteria or viruses that have not passed through the UV chamber. The UV light rapidly breaks down chlorine and in 4 to 8 hours the spa or pool water is free of chlorine. The best quality of water to soak and relax in. Once you know how much you need for your application you don't need to test your chlorine again other than to periodically confirm that you have used enough chlorine.

Do Not Attempt to use a floating dispenser in conjunction with a UV chamber as the chlorine or bromine will never reach a high enough residual level to be effective in killing bacteria on the walls and in the plumbing. The UV chamber will just burn off these chemicals as fast as they dissolve and before you know it your Total Dissolved Solids (TDS's) will build up to an unrecommended range causing other problems. All systems chemical free or not, require proper pH levels and clean filters. This system is a bacteria sterilizer and not a primary disinfectant. This product is perfect for residential pools and spas. A UV chamber sells for about $500 and will give you the least toxic water you can get and get you very close to chemical free water.

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