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Good Health

Good health is achieved and maintained through our diet, supplements and regular exercise

A balanced diet should contain:- (What we should eat)


Provides us with material for building muscles. It also provides energy and can lead to weight gain. Sources: meats, fish, cheese, beans, lentils etc.

Sugars and starches -Carbohydrate Sugars and starches provide us with energy. As we age too much energy leads to being overweight. To reduce weight cut back on energy foods such as saturated fats, sugars (softdrink has too much sugar) and starches such as bread, cakes, rice, noodles and other starchy foods. Do not have sugar in coffee and tea.
Vitamins Vitamins are required to keep the body alive. Our bodies are in a self repair mode all the time and this self repair needs lots of resources. Plants have the same problem and produce lots of vitamins (antioxidants) and other immune system boosters for themselves. When we eat plants their goodness is applied to our well-being.
Minerals Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals and are essential for good health. Minerals are generally either acid or alkaline and need to be kept in balance. Some foods after having been metabolised in the body produce more acids (meats, cheese, fish, starches) and other foods produce more alkaline. Plenty of vegetables ensures an acid/alkaline balance closer to the body's preferred values.
Oils Our bodies need unsaturated oils and lots of them. Insufficient supply of the good oils in our diet can cause attention deficit disorders, mental distress, arthritis, and reduced well-being. Raw seeds and nuts are generally high in oils. I take linseed oil on my vegetables instead of butter and use virgin olive oil when cooking vegetables as this oil helps by dissolving fat soluble vitamins.
pH imbalance adversely effects health. Adult bodies are maintained at pH 7.4 which is slightly alkaline. The Western diet is too acidic and this acidity of diet leads to many health complaints such as lethargy, kidney stones, osteoporosis, fungal infections and can contribute to other problems such as diabetes, gout, overweight, high cholesterol. Becoming lethargic caused by being too acidic is a health hazard. More on pH
Vitamin Supplements There are basically three groups of antioxidants, water soluble like Vitamin C, fat soluble like Vitamin E and specific purpose like the B Group Vitamins. What we should eat
Mineral Supplements Calcium is required for strong bones and muscle strength, magnesium is required for bones and muscle relation. Magnesium deficiencies cause feelings of exhaustion and cramps. What we should eat
Exercise stimulates health Exercise ensures good health. Sheep with osteoporosis after 12 months of standing on a vibrating platform morning and night had bone density increase of 36% (New Scientist). Cats purr at 40Hz, the frequency that promotes maximum bone density growth. (New Scientist). Without exercise our bodies wither, astronauts after 41days in space lose 11% of their bone mass. (New Scientist)

Recovering from Ill Health

What we should eat Colourful vegetables are good for us. Colour indicates the quantity and quality of vitamins in a vegetable. Select colourful vegetables. A low pH diet will lead to demineralisation causing osteoporosis, fatigue and cramps. Exercise promotes good health. Vibration promotes bone density improvement. Deficiencies in unsaturated oils can aggravate or cause health problems such as arthritis and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Excess saturated fats will cause high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Good health is the right diet.
Recovering from Stroke or heart attack Blood clots and bits of plaque breaking loose from artery walls cause strokes and heart attacks. Solving this problem requires the thinning of the blood to reduce the possibility of blood clots and removal of plaque by lowering cholesterol. A stroke or heart attack is usually accompanied by high blood pressure. High Blood pressure over time causes the heart to enlarge and this reduces the pressure that the heart can pump at. Blood pressure should be lowered.
Do you have a heart arrhythmia, get cramps and feel tired most of the time. Patients in Hospital can have loss of strength and bone mass through periods of inactivity. Recovering from this can be unnecessarily long and difficult. Magnesium deficiency will cause tiredness, cramps and even heart arrhythmia. Taking a calcium supplement can aggravate the magnesium deficiency. As the body takes magnesium and calcium out of the blood to build muscle and bone the blood becomes more acidic and to balance this acid the body must take calcium and magnesium out of the muscles and bone. Increasing our alkalinity by taking BiCarb of soda (Sodium bicarbonate) in fruit juice solves this body dilemma by making the blood more alkaline. Do not forget the Vitamin D, it is needed to absorb Calcium for bone and muscle growth so take some cod liver oil.
pH (Acid Alkaline) pH (pondus hydrogenii) is the measure of the Hydrogen ions in water. Adding acid to water increases the number of hydrogen ions. Adding alkaline reduces the Hydrogen ion concentration.